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Visit a Finnish Family

Home Dining is not a restaurant but a concept where you can meet a local family at their home. Get to know how Finns typically live, taste some of our food and enjoy a relaxed moment in our living room. The families live in different parts of Finland, but mainly in Helsinki area. You can choose the type of family you want to visit by language spoken and food served. The "menus" come in three different main categories.

Category 1: 2 courses, 50 €/person

Category 2: 3 courses, 65 €/person

Category 3: Tasting menu, 80 €/person

All categories will be served with nonalcoholic beverages and coffee/tea. Alcoholic beverages cannot be included in the package due to legal restrictions.

It is up to the family theirselves how they finally arrange the evening and the served menus. Every evening will be different and depends on the family you are with.

We are looking forward to your booking.  Your booking will be confirmed under normal circumstances within 24 hours by mail with all necessary details to you or your hotel.